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Emma and I are busy working at Winchcombe Steam Railway and The Cotswold Farm Park over Easter, as you probably know. I feel a great deal of gratitude to both organisations who have taken us under their wings and been so kind to employ us and promote us so amazingly.

We currently have our lovely Larkswold logo on every bright yellow polo shirt worn by volunteers across the GWSR network. It's the kind of action that makes a little business like ours feel a big swell of pride.

But then when we arrived at Adam's wonderful Farm Park, every single (and trust me when I say there are 100s & quite often 1000s) visitor receives a card on entry with the Larkswold crafts on offer and a (really quite awful) pic of Emma and me. It's nuts really - that at nearly 2.5 years old we have made such wonderful, kind, and generous corporate friends. Thank you guys, we are truly humbled.

But it's not just the corporate. Every Nicholds-Brown and Birch family member is playing their part this Easter. Working with guests or running around purchasing supplies. Thank you all.

So while I am on this self indulgent love in, it's the guests too. We have already had wonderful guests who visited us at Easter crafts last year, coming back for more. Like old friends. Even some that have followed us from the Farm Park to Winchcombe for double Easter crafting fun.

So as we enter the Easter weekend, enjoy your family time. Craft a little, laugh a little and Larkswold hopes to serve you on your journey to a little slice of contentment.



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