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In love with craft, cake and the cold!

With a romantic lockdown weekend stretching ahead of us all, some of you will be excited about what lovely pastimes you are going to embark upon and others will look to spend a few hours Pinterest pinning, Tik Tokking and Instagraming everyone else's beautiful crafts to try when we can escape our four walls.

Top cake for February:

It is good to know that Emma keeps trying new cakes and I am going to pick Beetroot Chocolate Cake (hoping that she wants to do some more practicing) It pretends to be healthy by adding beetroot but gives a good chocolate punch to get that dopamine fix I know and love. Link to recipe here: Eggless chocolate & beetroot blitz & bake cake : Recipes from Ocado

To counter that slight (I mean massive) increase in cake calories I have consumed I have been out running. Nuts right? Admittedly it is is a little bit parky out there, but a thick pair of Canadian wool mittens (thanks Jenny Fricke) warm me up nice and quick. We are blessed at Larkswold to be living in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. The panoramic views, the crisp fresh air and the stunning foliage in our hedgerows. Blimey I sound old!!! But seriously, it’s pretty damn awesome out there.

My recommendations for getting a little more crazy extreme sports outside time, try canicross with a dog like Pip Pickle (our sprointer). You have to put a lot less effort in to get up hills and if you’re not careful you can face plant on the way down. It makes for a much more entertaining work-out! and you get to wear cool kit.

So the main event...CRAFT. This weekend I think me and Em will be playing around with our Macramé kits in readiness for our virtual private sessions next week and I

have personally already started filling up the kitchen with foliage, plaster of Paris, and eggs from the chicken coup to play around with for this years Easter wreaths. The difficulty is that Vogue has said that tie dye is uber ‘In’ this year so I also need to find a bit of time to do a little Shibori - the ancient Japanese tie dye craft which I think is going to be a big hit this summer in the Larkswold tent.

Oh gawd...and I want to practice with my calligraphy kit...and doodle in my bullet journal...and make some more shampoo soap...and re-knit my cream blanket!!!

Ems been making beeswaxing wraps, doing a load of mending and making massive roman blinds for her lounge so neither of us are at a loss just yet!

Have a wonderful weekend, eat cake, get cold & invigorated, and keep on crafting...and feel free to enter our competition to win a Macramé Kit worth £55. link to kit


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