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It has been brought to my attention (thanks, Emma) that I have become boring! - she likes to say it as it is.

For that I am sorry and the usual random flow of my brain will recomence every Friday for your reading pleasure - obviously with tweaks from Emma so that you can actually read it rather than guess at what I meant to spell or say.

Up first - Lady and boybirds! Enough is enough. The worlds population has been living in our bedroom and bathroom.

  • Yes - we open the windows and vacuum the frames (weekly)

  • and yes I very carefully, in a very humane way help the 10-15 a day make their way to a better place

  • But NO - I do not want you all clearly using my bedroom and bathroom as the local nooky joint hangout to make more of your off-spring!!!

Always one to try and find the silver lining; I have learnt some interesting facts about them though.

Ladybirds, also known as ladybugs, are small beetles that belong to the family Coccinellidae. They are usually red or orange with black spots, but can also be yellow, brown, or as in the case my bedroom - black with red spots. Ladybirds are popular insects (in locations other than my house) because they are known to be beneficial for gardens, as they eat aphids and other pests that can damage plants. They are also considered to be symbols of good luck in many cultures around the world - I wonder if that means I am coming into some success, like children who unload the dishwasher without being asked or wear their clothes for more than an hour before throwing them somewhere near the laundry bin for re-washing!

Ladybirds are also able to secrete a yellow fluid from their joints when threatened, which can be toxic to some predators -hmm this might be why the are very pungent when I squish them!

I feel that possibly my rant about ladybirds has been escalated by going to a wonderful Gong Bath last Friday with Phil, the Birches and the KCs. It's a wholly wonderful thing to do and would recomend you try if you haven't already. You basically get to lie on the floor wrapped in cosy blankets and have a little relax (snooze) while 4-5 massive 1m diameter gongs are played. The point is to get the gongs to align your resonance. Unfortunately having tried this for the 3rd time, I realise that my natural state resonance is angry! You have met me - I am a happy, cheerful, enthusiastic, full of possibilities type, but after each Gong bath I have experienced, I wake literally angry at everything. Emma says that I am quite a funny, angry person (which, of course, made me more angry). I think the message is that "I needed to be one with my inner anger", maybe, but I have concluded I don't - I am more than happy being oblivious to it, and happy!

Disclaimer - I thought I was over the anger - but writing this may have brought it back. So sorry today, guests - I will try to contain it.

What else - my little duckies are pretending they are reenacting the concrete angels from Doctor Who, and I am wondering if the chickens have given them this idea? You look down the garden at them frolicking in the pond or by the river - next, all nine are standing inches away from the backdoor window, staring at you. The chickens do a similar thing at the studio door, but being more intelligent birds (sorry, ducks), I thought they were just interested in seeing what was going on.

I should mention we have been up to lots of block printing, bath bomb making, and arm-knitting this week with lovely guests who have managed to return me to my natural happy state. Next week, we kick off our first Team Time day with Superdry, who will be experiencing a morning of looking at how they can work as a team even better, some yummy Larkswold lunch, followed by a little fun block printing. It strikes me that it might be pretty helpful for some of you if I created a list of all the cool businesses that treat their teams with lovely Larkswold workshops so you know where to apply for your next job.

So enjoy your weekend, and remember that buying craft materials is as much fun as doing the craft itself, even though we all know you will never open the package and do the craft. It is much better to book your workshop at Larkswold and enjoy buying and doing :-)



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