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Little Larks

Happy Friday! The sun is shining, its not too hot and I have had a lovely week with candles, soap, bathbombs and block printing.

The school summer holidays are well and truly underway and we kick of a summer childrens club in a weeks time and also start our first summer tour at Winchcombe Steam Railway station.

Buy your ticket to ride on the train from their site and you can then let your little ones book onto a craft session for free. Click here

Block printing, chocolate truffle making, decoupage, bug hotels are all on the menu this summer for our younger guests and if you bring your little people to a Little Larks session at the studio, there is the usual yummy cake and coffee available to purchase as well if you fancy reading a book on the sofas or catching some rays outside.

Our first Little Larks is Monday 8th August 10am-12am

So things are great, but I am now missing my bestie. Emma has now been away for nearly two weeks and you may have noticed the dip in our social media quality while I have had to pick it up. There was me thinking she just spent a lot of time playing on her phone!

Quite a few of you (the proper adults who plan ahead) have already been booking into our Autumn wreath workshops and some super organised guests have even bagged some Christmas dates as well. I promise to get more on the website asap.

What else? Little chicks really arent looking little anymore and have ventured well into the garden and have helpfully messed up my woodchip path!

Next week we have candles on Friday morning and Block printing in the afternoon with a few places left on both if you fancy a little me time.

Well, enjoy the weekend and hopefully see you soon!



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