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Middle Class Mothers!

Yup, I am one, Emma is defo one. How do I know? well, it is becuause we shamelessly make use of any connections to further the succesful futures of our spawn.

A lovely husband (could be boyfriend - can't quite remember) dropped in to pick up finished glass fused items for his dearly beloved and her friend who visited Larkswold a few weeks ago.

Lovely ladies (Maths and English teachers if I remember rightly) who visited us again to hang out at craft club - sorry, will get back to the main thread of this story. Alastair popped by whilst Emma and I were on a call sorting out the new guest workshop with Reloved MCR (she's off the TV!). Well, I said I would pop out and get the glass while Emma stayed chatting on the call.

Whilst I chatted to Alastair on the short walk to the Studio from the house he commented how handsome my cockerels were. I responded (as most cockerel owners do) they aren't long for this world and agreed that yes I did like coc-au-vin.

Being my usual random self I then asked had he seen the new series of Clarkson's Farm (which came out last Monday) as there is a very funny episode where the owner of Cacklebean eggs is using quite a lot of inuendo and helping Clarkson to set up a mobile hen and cockerel house to help eat cow poo and improve the soil in his field (sounds awful - you just need to watch). Anyhoo - Alastair says, "Oh you're watching it are you? I was one of the cameramen who filmed it" Well - now I am totally in awe and gabble on as usual but then remember that I have a long suffering 16 year old daughter doing media A'level who is looking for work experience in July.

I appreciate this was the long way round to get back to middle class mothers. So I clasped my hands emploringly and begged him to help me find a way to get Jo in as a runner. SHOCKER! he said "sure I reckon that is very doable". Well! Watch this space because if I pull this one off I shall be making Emma have coffee (work meetings) every morning at Clarkson's place and make Jo wear fully Larkswold branded clothing every day she is working.

What else? You might be thinking you have verbal diarrhoea'd enough on this blog Melinda and I would struggle to disagree!

Hope you all enjoyed Valentines Day? Phil and I popped to the Old Stocks in Stow for a early doors cocktails while Jo and her beau had dinner in The Sheep in Sheep Street.

I started with an Espresso Martini which was was my favourite until I decided to try a Coffee Negroni (Stow town house coffee infused Campari, Vermouth, Dry gin). Totes my new favourite.

We had some fantastic lampshades made on Tuesday with many serial visitors returning for a little Larkswold wellbeing. Carolyn, our wonderful Eucalptus grower, comforted me by saying that my VERY dead looking Eucalyptus trees, may still recover and Tori brouught her very super cute 5 month year old in for a quick cuddle.

We have a hen party making dried flower crowns tomorrow followed by lunch and vintage biscuit decorating - best hen do EVER (obviously that's just my opinion). Then Sunday Emma and I will divide up to cover off a full house of silversmithers in the morning and glass fusers in the afternoon. Our Hen party enquiries keep coming in thick and fast with another today looking to stay with us for a little firepit tea and cocktails before getting off to their accomodation at Ash Farm in Oddington .

Need a little Larkswold time? Book into Arm-knitting or beeswax wraps next Saturday while we still have spaces.

Enjoy your week!



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