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More than you wanted to know about ducks

You all know how much I love my flock and over the years guests have shared several juicy facts with us that we've struggled to believe, so I've decided to do a spot of Fact Checking, and share them with you! Keep reading as they get better... or skip down to this weeks special offers.

Ducky actual facts for your amusement:

Fact 1. What is their favourite food?

Peas...It's like crack cocaine to them - they can't get enough. The only thing that might get between them and the peas is when we have a Little Larks children's party and 12 under 8-year-olds scare the poop out of them, and they run for the hills instead of the peas.

Fact 2. Social Behaviour:

Ducks are known for their social and friendly nature. (mine didnt get the memo on that). They often form close-knit groups and enjoy being around other ducks. They can be quite vocal, communicating with each other through quacks and other sounds. (Urm, other sounds? Am pleased to say I haven't noticed those!)

Fact 3. How long do they live:

Runner ducks are known to live 8–12 years, and apparently (I shall be taking this up with my ladies), they are prolific layers.

Fact 4, 5 and 6! Getting Jiggy...

Female ducks have corkscrew lady parts. Whaaat? Yes it's crazy isn't it? These sassy ladies seem to have evolved so that they can make it hard for a male duck to inseminate them. If they don't want to create a little duckling with the drake that has chosen her, she can twist so that her very intelligent lady parts can send frisky drake boy equipment down dead ends, thereby negating any little ducklings being created. It makes a lot of sense because my gang gets super busy in mating season - yet I barely see a fluffy little duckling appear! Of course, the male ducks haven't taken this lying down. The more forced copulation a duck engages in, the longer the males' tackle tends to be, according to a 2010 study in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. In fact, male ducks grow a new penis every year (yes, you read that right). Which means they can vary the length depending on that year's competition!

Fact 7. Low-grade parenting

Overall, my ladies are shocking mothers - even when they have decided there are some benefits to getting broody and just sitting in the coup all day being brought fresh water and snacks and getting out of any additional drake attention - they still lose interest and flipping wander off after a few days. No parenting prizes for ducks then.


On the subject of getting jiggy - it will soon be Valentine's Day. Some of you clever guests will already have sent the link to your partner highlighting the popular 'Date Night' leather card holder workshop we are running on 14th February. 7-10pm, we will have the awesome Tracy from Cotswold Hipster running the show and Emma and I will be serving a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from our bar and savoury sharing platters and delicious cake. If you can't make it that night - option two to get what you want is to share the gift voucher link. Of course, if you are a no holes barred forthright type, you could just book you both in for the full-day silversmithing session to make your engagement or wedding rings - heck - go right ahead and reserve the hen-do date with us while you are at it!

Special Things

We are liking this special offer section that peeps who subscribe to the blog see first. This week why not pick up a bargain and book one of the following:

2 for 1: Buy one place and get the 2nd one free on specific workshops & dates below.

Enter the promo codes specified below on the last page of the booking process at Checkout.

Block Printing: Use PROMO CODE: 241BLOCK

10-1pm 15th February

Scented Candle Making: Use PROMO CODE: 2FOR1CANDLE

10-1pm 22nd February

Lino Cutting: 2FOR1LINO

2-5pm 22nd February

Lampshade Making: 2FOR1LAMP

10-1pm 23rd February


If you fancy making your kitchen feel & smell more Larkswold, why not bake up a Gluten Free Lemon drizzle cake? This is a staple in the studio & always gets the thumbs up. It's a foolproof recipe and no one needs to know that it's actually Gluten Free!


Substitute the lemon for orange if you fancy a twist.

Reduce the sugar down by increments to see if anyone notices!

Use regular flour instead if you choose!

Lemon Drizzle Recipe
Lemon Drizzle Recipe

That's all for now folks - have a great weekend!


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