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My three life values


How is everyone? Emma is planning a day working from bed on Monday and my dog Pip Pickle tried to strike yesterday on the grounds of pay and conditions. After further consideration, both the dog and I realised that we both had pretty awesome working conditions and Pip realised she didnt actually work! - so much for the title "working dog". Pay? well heck, you cant have everything so I will have a stern chat with the boss about that one!

Emma spent Tuesday wrapping up 60 beeswax wraps for Cotswold Tourism to take to a Cotswolds promotion.

It's Friday and I have just baked a few cake treats for today's candle workshop and I will get busy preparing all our lovely dried flowers for a Hen party tomorrow who are coming to make dried flower wreaths. We are always being asked "which is our favourite craft/workshop" and it's tough, because depending on which day it is, I love them all - but wreaths do have a special place in my heart. When I was trying to get the concept of Larkswold off the ground back in 2019, Phil made this massive mdf top to go over our kitchen table to house 12 friends. We didn't have the name Larkswold at that stage - the working name was Adlestrop Creative Platform. I know - nobody can say or spell Adlestrop and as a whole the name didn't roll off the tongue. Anyway, 12 dutiful friends came over to make Christmas Wreaths and so the concept grew legs and the rest is history.

I enjoyed doing a little spring wreath work yesterday with the lovely Janet. We had a lovely few hours weaving, planting and beautifying our wreaths whilst Emma enjoyed a little block printing with some returning guests. The good news is I have finally put a spring wreath on my front door and look forward to making more on Sunday with our guests who are coming for a Mother's Day treat. There are spots left for block printing on Sunday if you still need to sort out a little mum time. Alternatively, pop over to our shop and purchase a gift experience for mum.

Ok - now for my three life values. For both my children I want them to be kind, courageous and happy. I know, I sound like one of those motivational posters but these are the three values I try to live by. Larkswold is truly the result of these three things - we value the kindess of others and try to be kind to ourselves. We often have to put on our big girl pants and be courageous, but it is all in the pursuit of yours and our happiness.

We were sad to hear that Bonds (a wonderful craft workshop location near Stratford Upon Avon) went into receivership this week. I mentioned to Emma this week that 60% of businesses fail in their first 3 years. She said she was pleased that I hadn't mentioned that to her in our early days of trading!

So what else? A couple of chickens are nesting so let's hope that we get some little chicks to cuddle this year.

We are getting ready to go off site to Adam's Cotswold Farm Park and Winchombe Steam Railway for Easter crafts, back for a little break then we're off to the Cheltenham Science Festival for a week then onto the Malvern Flower Show.

Don't forget we are hosting the Muddy Stilettos networking morning in April and run our first Folksy Pottery painting and watercolour workshops next month as well.

Right - the bubbly won't pour itself!


Melinda x

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