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So it might be said that I tend to see things differently to the average Joe! Sometimes that's a real talent and skill and sometimes, well not so much! Example: Phil asked me where I had put my mac the other day - while I mulled over which coat he meant, it became apprent that he meant the apple variety!

But perspective on life is one of the key reasons why the Larkswold senior leadership team (Em and me) work so well together. Sure it can be frustrating at times, but the benefits far outweigh the scenarios where they don't.

I mention this as I do a little prep before going away to do a few days of my old job (leadership development). Having peeps around you that see things differently, like different things, do different things and God forbid - actively seek out and highlight your mistakes make your team resilient, strong and agile. I know I know - enough of the corporate mumjo, I just wanted to mention one of the things in Larkswold that I actively look to foster for our success. Along with giving every guest a warm welcome when they arrive, as well as leaving with something they feel proud to have made - we measure our success in feelings as much as pounds pennies and shillings.

If I equate this to my front door then Phil painted it in the summer and I was in love with its stunning bronze greeness. Since my Christmas wreath has been removed it feels naked, in need of a little Zhuzhing. I feel a Spring wreath may have to be installed asap.

New stuff

OMG! We have just had a meeting with a new tutor. All top secret at this stage. Things that are not so top secret are drawing and watercolour workshops. We are just finalising the details, but we know it's going to be popular. We are also looking at a number of other new things which should be launched by February if Em and I pull our fingers out and make them happen!

We had some guests make awesome bumblebees in last weekends willow workshop.

Could be my new favourite willow animal.

Today we have arm knitters in the studio. I mean come on, is that not the best workshop to be doing during the cold snap and miserable weather? This weekend sees a studio full of lovely ladies celebrating a bride to be and making willow hearts followed by a super cute 10th birthday party on Sunday. I know....we are busy little bees!

New and bookable right now: Silver Spinner rings 7th Feb & 1st April. This has come about because you guys love our silver workshops and spinner rings take slightly more than a 3hr workshop, but less than a full day. These workshops will run 10-1.30pm; we can't wait!


Yep - still my favourite pets/members of the family. They are just so damn cute! Thanks to Mark our local super handyman (mended the bridge, created our path to the studio) loving cleaned up their pen and gave them fresh straw to get through these chilly nights! Chickens on the other hand may need to get a visit from local hench man Mike. We have three new rivals for Frederick's position as head honcho cockerel. They are all teenagers with too much testosterone and not quite enough life experience and so keep trying to 'make friends' with Dora and Flora (our older) ladies who are having non of it!

Best go do some work - if you have a chance to tell a friend, colleague, arch rival about us via your socials or hey - just bring them along we'd love to see you.

Oh yes - and it's a little damp here...

Righty ho, enjoy the weekend!

Melinda !

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