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Quick catch up…

Hello! Yup it is getting busy and we love it 😻

It does mean I'm going to do a quick blog post before getting out of bed this morning!

Duckie Update: living their best life in the big puddles in the field. John has successfully infiltrated Team Batman with his two ladies and all the ducks are now living as one big flock.

Chickens: not so impressed with the rain, but continue to enjoy a daily dust bath under the studio and beating the ducks to breakfast by sleeping in the trees at night (it means they aren't restricted as to when they wander down for breakfast).

Emma: she's back and much better. Still serving pots of tea with empty milk jugs but I think that's just her age! She took a little break on the floor after our planning meeting and felt much better.

We did have a lovely trip out to talk to Whatley Manor on Monday - Wow 😯 I mean really it is a 😮 super stunning Cotswolds hotel that we look forward to working with in 2024.

We've done the Christmas schedule and we have many fully booked wreath sessions, Christmas block printing and Willow Stag head sessions. If you still need to book yourself or social group in - get going! We have spaces this weekend for 1 more on the Leather dog lead and collar, 2 more for Felted Baubles.

Next week we see our first session with new Christmas glasses for candles (ok- we are letting the Boldwood books gang use them on their Day of Loveliness on Wednesday, but Friday is the first open session they will be on show.

Lastly we want you to stop and take a little break....ok we sneakily want to ask you to vote for us for the best Cotswold workshop venue in the Cotswold Concierge Awards. We've been nominated and would really really really oh yes and really like to win. 🏆

There are quite a long list of categories, but you only have to vote for the categories or heck THE CATEGORY you are interested in...we're listed under Cotswold Workshop Experiences:

PS Young Jess Birch (Emma's daughter) won best designs at The Cotswold School fashion show last night. One to watch for fashion designer of the year in the years to come.

Enjoy the weekend

Melinda x

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Klod Loft
Klod Loft
Jan 06
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