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Radiating Joy!

Yep, the season of good tidings is upon us and we have our Christmassey vibe on.

We’ve purchased 25 (yes! 25!) trees for our guests to use in wreath making - a mixture of Blue Spruce and Nordmann as well as an abundance of Eucalyptus, wild ivy and Laurel to adorn your wreath. We are doing our best to lure you down the environmental route with grapevine or willow wreaths with string to attach your foliage. This way you can just pop it all on the compost or in your green bin at the end of the season.

The mince pies and mulled wine are now flowing, and the Christmas cake is iced and ready for scoffing. We understand not everyone loves traditional Christmas yummy stuff as much as us, so we still have chocolate orange brownies or other non-festive cakes as well.

Flock – Not happy!

Stuck in coop.

Chickens annoying ducks.

Ducks have turned into mafia gangsters again and to top it off some of the newbies are starting to look decidedly male!!!!

Larkswold on tour

40, yes FORTY peeps from Act On Energy enjoyed an afternoon of block printing this week over in Norton village hall with us. The creations were awesome, and we even helped one young gentlemen who did not own a tea towel to block print his very first. Emma and I learnt that there are lots of important useful info that you must impart to your students such as “dip the sponge in the paint not the block” and “Don’t cover yourself in paint – its fabric paint”. That aside, we had some fab feedback from many people who enjoyed the immersive experience and now fancy visiting us back in the studio. SHOCKER - I met another Melinda (trust me, that never happens).

Mental Fatigue

Menopause, or perhaps just general headless chicken craziness, we all experience a bit of this from time to time. Karine (good friend of Larkswold) is a clever neuroscientist that is working with a group of equally clever peeps to do some research into how to reduce the affects. If you have 2 minutes and fancy helping our lovely friend, please take this survey. You get your own little personalized summary and tips on what might help you as well as knowing you are doing your act of kindness helping them gather data for their research.

What else!

We took an exam on Tuesday to get our alcohol license (and learned which pubs not to hang out in if you don’t want to get knifed or drugged), took delivery of 200 homemade mince pies from our fab friend Sue who runs the Amphitheatre up the road and is an amazing cook, Emma died her hair (mid-life crisis?) and we discovered that Cotswold Cheese in Stow-on-the-Wold has really delicious cheese that is very dangerous for me (due to lack of self control).

So if you aren’t visiting us this festive season for a little joy hopefully reading and following us on socials will bring a little radiance to your day.


Melinda x

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