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Sick girl…

Updated: Nov 14

I mean I wouldn't call Em work shy, but she just needs to say she wants a week off. There's no need to catch every bug and virus going so she can have a duvet day! She's actually properly ill. She soldiered through a session last Saturday - thanks Theo (Em's son) for doing a sterling job supporting her with serving drinks and cake. I then tried to boost her spirits with a little hot cider and pizza at for a networking event, but I think that broke her.

Anyhoo I've stocked her up with tumeric & ginger shots, immune boosting soup, blueberries & live yoghurt. I've told Dan (her Hubbie) to confiscate her phone and still she sends messages saying she's bored - she's a terrible patient. My response to her bored message was 'just take more Night Nurse and maybe add a drop of brandy'

Merriscourt Court

Omg this totally stunning wedding venue is just 15 minutes from us. The main barn rooms are completely fairytale (including awesome heating) and wow 😮 totally mouth watering yummy food. I mean- monkfish kebabs- that's my kind of buffet.

We made some really really cool connections including Lewis from Alfonso icecream... I did need to pop back a few times to make sure it really was the most delicious ice-cream I've ever tasted. Lewis has 5 shops (I know- show off) including our local in Stow-on-the-Wold and we had

a good chat about the challenges of world domination. Really great guy, really great ice-cream.

I had a good giggle with the ladies from Moreton Fire College, made a new bestie in Victoria from Teacup Tours and hung out with one of my favour humans - Jane from Campden Yurts. Very impressed to meet Lorna who is doing a placement year at Banbury Hill Farm. She's a 3rd year agriculture student. Home is County Durham so she's been making new friends and getting used to life in Banbury for the last 6 months. Lorna gave me some great advice on university (my daughter goes next year) and inspired me to reach out to the Old Shed at https://www.banburyhillfarm to do some workshops.

Proud duck moment

My little heart skipped a beat when John (big heart, little body calling duck) lead his ladies across the bridge into the flood plain field. It's always been the preferred hang out of the Batman crew. John did have to do a little flying to manage the

drop from bridge to field (his little legs couldn't reach) but he styled it out. They all loved it and although Peiking did try to bonk Daphne (stunning black runner) they all hung out as one big duckie family.

Oh yes- workshops! Resin was a massive hit last weekend with some classy pieces being created.

Caroline our silversmither is pretty much moving in again to cater for all the sessions going on this weekend. The full day workshop guests yesterday got very creative with bracelets, adding pearls and creating rings for every member of the family.

Last places on:

2 spots left on Thursday 16th Nov 10am silver rings and bracelets

1 spot on Christmas glass fusing on the same day at 2pm

4 spots the very first leather lead and collar workshop on Sunday 19th Nov 9.30-1.30pm

4 spots Christmas felt baubles same day at 2pm

Enjoy your weekends and look forward to seeing you soon.

M x

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