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Why you like Larkswold...

Just a reminder that you quite like us (hopefully?!) and have had fun following our journey over the last 3 years as well as getting creative with us in the studio.

As part of the wonderful British Library training programme we are currently doing, we have learnt a lot about marketing and branding over the last two weeks. We had a lovely chat with Andy from Perro brand consultancy which helped focus our attention.

We talked about growing our corporate business offering - team building, away days, Christmas events etc.

Anyhoo - we concluded that we know our market and guests really well. And although when they do come men love it - in reality it is the professional lady who books for the team.

She's probably pretty creative herself and wants something a little more interesting for the team to do. But you guys know me - if you tell me something's unachievable - well that just makes me want it more, so come on boys, buck the trend and be the one to bring the team. Actually - there probably aren't any men reading this blog, so if you could do me a favour and pass it on to your blokey associates we'd be most grateful!

"I am a bloke and I am not accustomed to making scented candles…. But, don’t knock it until you try it! A delightful, alternative, afternoon guided by two fabulously professional ladies. Thank you!" Mr Monday - Google Review

In other news we are literally apoplectic about the new workshop trial we did the other day for silver clay jewellery.

Anna from Silver Nutshell will be running her first workshop with us in the new year. You are going to love it - Emma, our head of innovation Sian and I are all pretty obsessed now. Sian's role is to throw ideas at us for new workshops and she mentioned silver clay to us earlier in the year.

Silversmithing with Caroline Craven is our top selling session, so as you know we at Larkswold belive in 'More is more' and so love that you will now have 4 silver options to choose from - half day and full day silver (rings and bangles), spinner rings and now full day silver clay.

Dropping things: We really excel in this. Emma has a particular talent for bags of flour and full batches of muffins and I like to work with tea mostly. Yesterday I dropped a full mug of tea over my laptop. But just like me - a little wash, a warm place to sit for the night and some gentle coaxing and its fully back up and running!

In Networking: Kyla Skinner will be talking at next weeks networking event about "Developing a distinctive brand voice"

The session is Thursday 2nd November 9-11am so why not come along and find out a little more about ways to improve your copy writing. It will be of interest to both business owners and anyone who has to write copy in their everyday lives.

Other stuff:

'Duck' passed onto the watery duck after-life this week. She did it in style with a very wistful " I vont to be alone" style until I brought her in the house for end of life care on the sofa.

Farewell duck...

Um - I am pretty sure there is loads of stuff I should be sharing with you, but the sun is shinning and quite frankly I want to go and play crafty stuff in the studio! So enjoy your weekend and visit soon.




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Oct 28, 2023

I’m working on Mark but, ya know, he’s being very bloke-y. Which is odd being as he’s Chief Sewing Person.


Oct 27, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Everything about Larkswold is fabulous. Of course the workshops and the astonishingly beautiful creations I've been helped to make (despite being a rather clumsy, unimaginative, non-crafty person.) The food! The hospitality! The friendliness! Magical setting and always good to get an update on how the ducks are doing, which is also a highlight of their blogs. Big thanks to Melinda and Emma for the incomparable Larkswold.

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