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Spring has sprung, or is certainly getting a bit bouncy.

The mornings are dark and the chickens have to be in bed by 3pm or we have to get the torch out to make sure we have rounded up everyone correctly.

With the current lockdown restrictions combined with my usual propensity for a fresh kick start in January I could really do with lockdown lasting a little longer! Although I would of course then have to go and live in a cardboard box because the house would have been repossessed!

Cutting garden: The first year of Larkswold saw cut flowers playing a leading role in our marquee and our lives. I have signed up to fill the little noggin with as much knowledge as I can on the subject. Sarah Ravens ‘The Cutting Garden’ is never far from my side and I say au revoir to veg patch and tally ho to reinventing that space as my cut flower patch.

Emma has hung up her baking apron for a short period whilst we don’t have guests coming to site and tuned her hand to spring wreaths, macrame and air-dry clay. We have a happy working agreement that the question is not ‘can we’, but we can and now we must work out how.

I asked Emma today how she was feeling about being self-employed after a lifetime of employment.

Her response was ‘Well…I feel a bit of a fraud. I get to potter about making things and being creative and if I fancy going to walk the dogs I can…whenever I like’.

We ate/breathed and slept Larkswold from July 2020 until the end of the year. Late nights, early starts and quite a lot of fly by the seat of your pants moments to boot… I reckon we deserve a little pottering and indulgence in a few new interests.

So I am writing this to share and to be held accountable to creating a coffee table book by Christmas this year (eek). I really do fancy it. Lovely atmospheric photography, maybe a recipe or two and crafts you can learn to make your home stylish and your heart sing. Sprinkled with a little banter from the team and guests I reckon it might make a pretty good gift to go with our gift vouchers as pressies.

I leave you with these thoughts. Green, it's just damn cool on walls, in your garden and on your plate. Being greener is whole heartedly better for the soul and a darn site better for the planet.

What ho!

Sorry been listening to too much PG Woodhouse Jeeves and Wooster on audible. Melinda x

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