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Sugar Treats!

Summer is finally here! Ok, sort of! A bit warm, then freezing but set to be warm again this weekend... Yeah!

I have not been a very good blogger for the last few weeks - sorry! On the upside we have been touring around doing block printing at the Malvern Spring Festival, back at the Cotswold farm park doing literally 1000s of woolly warm coats for sheep (!) and then we install our giant wild weaving loom at the Cheltenham Science Festival starting next Tuesday.

We are really excited to have Sally the Cake Tutor back in the studio on Sunday 11th June 2-5pm. We have the first of our new workshops for Sugarcraft.

Are you a beginner? or just haven't tried it for a long time? Well Sally will help you leave the session with the knowledge to create delicate flowers such as roses open and closed, full blown and buds, 5 petal blossom, leaves and more. Having tried our hands at Sally's gingerbread wreath workshop over Christmas and fallen in love with the totally absorbing craft of sugar decor, we know this is going to be a winner.

Book the last few spots and gain this wonderful new skill

Wonderful willow

Wow, you guys made some really fabulous willow animals last weekend with Kate Morrell. Next session is 9th July and has just 2 spots left.

Flock Update

Last but not least, we have had plenty of change on the flock front. Let me introduce to you Jessie and Quack our new Cayuga Runner duck boys - think loveable rugby boys after 9 pints! Soft at heart, very handsome, but just a little bit excessive on the bonking front...

The Karens - the biggest Orpingtons I think I have EVER seen with an abundance of soft grey and white feathers. They like to mooch about the garden clucking away about something we could be doing better.

John and his ladies - John is awesome, he is a mini duck or rather he is a calling duck.

He really should be wearing a gold chain and camel coat as he tries to bodyguard his 3 adoring runner duck ladies.

Nancy & Victoria - the old ladies of the group, rescued from a battery farm and still going strong 4+years later. Very keen to hang out in the kitchen and accept small food offerings. Unfortuntely Nancy had a little too much attention from Frederick our Cockerel and so spent some time in the studio with guests being cuddled and then overnight in the kitchen to recover. Alas this was Fredericks 2nd over zealous attention to a chicken, the first being Big Red (gone but not forgotten) so we offered him a wonderful retirement opportunity up in Stow!!!

So that is it for now. Hopefully we will be working more closely with the super swanky Ellenborough Park Hotel in the very near future and hope that you pop over for a lovely few hours in our studio soon.

Enjoy x


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