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Valentine's date night? Or half term Bath Bombs?

Looking for a way to make your Valentine's date night even more special? Or perhaps you're hoping to have fun with the kids making luxurious half-term bath bombs? Whatever your needs may be, we've got you covered!

Look no further than Larkswold's Date Night Leather Card Holder workshop on Valentines Day - Wednesday 14th February 7-10pm

Join expert leather workers Tracy & Mark for a relaxed evening of crafting and learning a new skill together with this great introduction to leatherwork.

Choose from a variety of leather colour combinations to create a personalized card holder with optional embossing that you can gift to your date (so generous!) or keep for yourself as a special memento of your shared experience.

What you'll do:

*Choose your leather colours

*Cut your shapes

*Add any embossed lettering

*Prepare for assembly

*Glue then saddle stitch the layers

*Finish by bevelling and burnishing the edges

The best bit about date night (I would say this) is of course Emma and I on the bar serving a selection of beverages and cooking up morish sharing platters - think velvety red wine paired with crostinis with sundried tomatoes and basil, brie, cranberry and pecan tartlets with a sprig of rosemary, houmous with crispy pittas....OK, I think I'd better stop. I am literally ready to eat my own leg off I'm now so hungry. Nibbles and drinks can all be ordered on the night from our bar menu.

Or if you are looking to hang out with your children join us for a bit of fun making bath bombs - It could in-fact be what you leave your partner a subtle (or not so subtle) hint about booking for you as a gift!

"Treat Your Loved Ones or maybe yourself"

#1 - You get to play with essential oils

Create your own signature scent using pure rose, coconut or uplifting fruity notes or follow our tried and tested combinations to produce your spa bath experieince.

2 - Choose all the colours of the rainbow

Not only do your bathbombs get to smell great, but they get to look amazing too with all our shimmery MICA powder colour pigment. Finish it with rose petals, Himalayan salt crystals or maybe lavender.

#3 - Eating cake

I think enough said....everything is better with cake. Admittedly not stepping on the scales, or managing Diabetes, but cake really does enhance a good cup of tea!

NEW WORKSHOP: Saturday 16th March

With the success of Snowy the Christmas felted mouse, Keeley has developed a cute March hare ready for you to take home by the end of the 3 hour session. A great project for both beginners or those with some experience. We’ll have everything you need to make Lofty plus homemade cakes, teas & coffees.

What was that? You want more interesting facts about chickens and ducks? OK - I will work on that for next Friday.

Enjoy your weekend.

M x

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