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Update on everything

Um 🤔, so much going on it's hard to know where to start.

Flock Update

You're right- let's prioritise a flock update. So my girls have confirmed once again that their breeding skills are pants. Felicity and Thanos started well by sitting in the hedge with their eggs, but then got scoffed by the fox; I appreciate that wasn't really their fault. Then Duck (she was one of my newer members that missed out on a naming ceremony) has sat for about a month but lost interest in the last week and decided she wanted to go hang out with her mates in the field each day for a few hours. Which leaves me in the sticky situation of coming up for some solid arguments to justify me sneaking in new flock members (feel free to offer any donations of ducks or chickens that are surplus to your flocks) to Phil!!

On Tour

OMG 😳 We were at The Cotswold Farm Park for three weeks and Winchcombe steam railway for 19 days. We took a break back in the studio for what felt like a nano second to enjoy a little fun at Cheltenham races, seeing family and dressing up in 70's stuff for a party - oh and Em decided to squeeze in a bout of Covid, and we are now furiously prepping for the RHS Malvern flower show.

Malvern feels quite exciting - don't tell our families this but it feels a bit like going on our holibobs. We've booked a lovely hotel with a pool and we are the only attraction in the Tips and Tricks marquee!!!

The Tips & Tricks stage will feature a range of experts demonstrating how to fix, make and create things for your home and garden from a range of items that perhaps you typically may not have thought of!

Max McMurdo, skilled designer/upcycler and TV presenter, whose creations have featured on BBC’s Dragon’s Den and currently on the new series of Channel 4’s George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, will be hosting this Theatre and will be joined by a variety of fantastic experts.

You’ll be able to hear top DIY tips from the likes of Jay Blades MBE, and talks such as Using Rain Water in the Garden by Rupert Keys (TASK Academy) and Garden DIY with just a wooden pallet by Adam Kirtland.

I know!!!! How cool 😎 you defo want to be following our socials next week to see who we successfully stalk and get photos with.

I mean....who aren't we hanging out with at the mo? We held Muddy Stilletos a couple of weeks ago and met loads of cool people from Dial House Hotel, Campden Yurts to the hilarious Brigitte from Cotswold Grey (if you notice copies of the Daily Mail in the toilet roll section in chipping nortons Sainsbury’s she's probably been).

We popped to Gifford Circus on Sunday to catch the 5.30 performance- they are sooooo awesome. Emma really should put her big girl pants on and invite the cast to come and do our workshop with us next year!

We have been doing some work of course: we are talking to Ellenborough Park about some stuff, Cotswold Farm Patk want us back later in the month and you lovely peeps keep joining us for hen do's and family gatherings which keep us busy.

Coming up in the studio:

Just to add a little confusion, we have our next networking session on Wednesday 19th. We are trialing different days as a lot of you guys run tourism businesses and Friday networking is tricky. If you need to understand a bit about how to understand how to manage your stress levels and be more resilience as a business owner or just as a human being, come along.

We are nearly booked up for our new workshop 'Sugar Flowers'

Right-better get on and clean the house, cool for coronation party, walk the dog and get the kids to school, pick up samples of our new branded clothing from @wreals before we start this mornings lampshade workshop followed by Lino cutting this afternoon.

Enjoy your weekend!



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