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What I have learnt this week?

Quite a few things actually...

Firstly, I have learnt that it's much better to fully open your car door and not try to pull it shut while your head is still in the way. I have found that it is a toss up between the pain of actually doing such a stupid thing versus then having to admit to said stupidity due to the large patch of evidence residing on your face!!

Secondly, I have learnt that being "All organised" and taking those bags of charity stuff that have sat in your house for over a month to the charity shop is not as satisfying as I had hoped. This is mostly due to accidently taking a bag of my daughters boyfriends clothes (in my defence they were sat next to my charity items in the bathroom) as well. The Sue Ryder manager in Chippy was very very helpful but alas had already sold two of the items thereby leaving me to have to send poor daughters boyfriend into the shop to reclaim his other items. Still - good to know they have helped a charity!

Finally I have learnt that when I am about to do the "talkie talkie bit" at the beginning of our workshops which includes announcing our cake options it is always good to have actually checked that you have got that days quota of homemade mincepies out of the freezer!

Emma did some learning as well this week - don't attempt making brandy butter at 6am in the morning - its just going to end in a big old kitchen mess! She has also realised that having a business partner (that's me) that can't spell or count is challenging; but even more challenging is one that could give goldfish a good run for their money on lack of memory skills. Still...I do make her look good in comparison so theres the silver lining.

On the upside - the studio has been wonderfully busy with chocolate truffle making (thankyou Jo, Karen and Di for putting up with me on that one), billions of Christmas wreaths, Christmas scented candles, stunning block printing and snuggly arm knitting.

Its another busy weekend in the studio with gingerbread wreath making, glass fusing and wreath making. For those joing us on Saturday for glass (we are running it both days), the Birmingham massssseeve will be in attendance (hubby's family) and the infamous Jennie C (serial visitor and supporter of Larkswold) is with us as well.

I think thats it from me. We have a few Christmas Wreath places on Sunday as well as w/c 19th December.

Lastly, if you haven't managed to catch Emma and me in our stunning! xmas video campaign, feel free to check them out... I am thinking we probably should not give up the day jobs.



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