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Winner winner chicken dinner!

Woohoo 🙌 Thankyou everyone for helping us to be voted:

Best Workshop Experience in the Cotswolds 2023: Larkswold, Adlestrop

Yep - this makes us feel pretty happy. You- wonderful guests do a great job of making Emma and I feel we do an alright job with all your kind words and reviews on Google. But getting an award does add the cherry 🍒 to the cake.

Christmas is in full swing and the mulled wine is flowing and the turkey is getting fat on mincepies - I am the turkey - Emma's more tiny Tim; she's back on track after being poorly for a while with back to back colds.

We have kept most of our poop 💩 together bar feeling quite stupid turning up last night at the Cotswold Hipster Christmas mincepie shindig hosted by our good friend Tracy. Despite being really quite busy & tired at this time of year we'd committed to going & were really looking forward to it. Small issue.... the event was actually on Tuesday 5th not Thursday 7th so we turned up a full 48 hours late. Not ideal! Sorry Tracy - we did try!

We really are loving Christmas though. I just love the scent of fresh foliage in the studio and seeing the totally unique and amazing wreaths people make. If you need to squeeze in your own creation - or you just fancy coming for home made mince pies Friday 15th at 3pm still has spaces.

Gingerbread Wreaths on Sunday 17th and Snowy the Christmas felted mouse on Saturday 16th still have a few places as well.

Hope we get to see you!


Enjoy x

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