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Work work work!

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

So this week we had the lovely Bella from Burford sixth form. Doing Drama, DT and English A Levels, she brought many great skills to Larkswold turning her hand to being a Barista, creating new spring wreath designs, baking copious amounts of cake and putting up with Emma and I doing lots of boring admin. We love our business and of course want everyone to come and be part of the magic and love it too and well...rather than me tell you, why not read her words for yourself:

'I have spent 5 days here at Larkswold (Monday to Friday) doing work experience for year 12. From the moment of my arrival I was presented with a warm/calming and welcoming atmosphere in a beautiful setting. Melinda and Emma have always been so lovely and there was never a moment I felt overwhelmed/anxious or unsafe. During my time here I have learnt a lot about crafting/art and Larkswold itself but also being in a real working environment with genuine people. Even though there were some hectic moments I found everything I did enjoyable and Melinda and Emma helped me every step of the way so that I never felt stressed. I can safely say that leaving, I can walk away with a lot of learned/developed skills (especially people skills) and a definite desire to come back. On top of this, I would definitely recommend a work experience here to anyone looking - regardless of artistic ability, but also just going to any of the many fabulous workshops they offer.'

We love having future entrepreneurs, creatives and down right lovely young peeps here so if you are in need of finding work experieince for one of your or yours, do drop us a line.

Spring is sprung - well, it's on its way.

I don't know if you have noticed, but spring flowers are starting to break free from the soil and show signs of life. This was enough for Emma and I to get making some new wreaths for the studio and to start promoting. We have only got a handful of spring wreath sessions this year so if you fancy bringing a little joy to your front door why not check out the dates on the link below.

We will be running a special Mother's Day session on Sunday 19th March with scones, jam & cream and bubbly if you fancy treating your mama - maybe if you ARE the mama, you might like to drop a hint that you wouldn't mind being taken to Larkswold for the morning!

Dora and Flora (chickens) have kindly started laying again. I am not sure who is currently producing the longer more pointy eggs - or in fact why, but I'm happy to have my fresh eggs back on tap.

We - and when I say we I mean mostly Emma, have been putting workshop dates in the diary up to January next year. It's a mammoth task and involves lots of tea, cake and calm vibes. But we get it that you lot want to plan ahead for birthday celebrations, hen do's and just me time - so hopefully you can now find a date that suits you. Of course, if you can't, just call us on 0800 999 1914.

Think that's it from me... oh and we just got asked to attend the Cheltenham festival; which was nice! I think Larkswold on tour is going to be busy this year!




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Susie Harris
Feb 10, 2023

Lovely blog Melinda - great to be offering work experience and lovely comments on your growing business

sorry I forgot my password and have joined again with my other email and new password !!! 💐🥂

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